Supercharged Genesis Coupe Seen at 2011 SEMA Show

The 2011 SEMA Show just passed earlier this month, and with it came word of several ramped-up, performance-driven models from our favorite South Korean automaker, Hyundai. You may have heard about two aftermarket-tuned 2012 Hyundai Veloster models that were featured but today Gurley Leep Hyundai would like to share a different model with you. In fact, this one isn't even a Veloster!

The model we're talking about is an all-new variant of the 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Hyundai America Technical Center Inc. (HATCI) teamed with several other aftermarket parts manufacturers to create the new variant, which is known as the Hyundai Genesis Hurricane. Some of those that Hyundai turned to for help in the project include Magnuson Products, Rhys Millen Racing, Harman International and Torvec Inc.

So what exactly has changed in the Hyundai Genesis Hurricane? First there's the engine, which is a supercharged 3.8-liter V6, featuring a liquid-to-air intercooler. This accounts for an increase in horsepower from 306-hp to 450-hp. Other improvements include IsoTorque differential (resulting in greater handling and traction); DeatschWerks high flow fuel pump and 600cc injectors; Bilstein monotube shock absorbers and springs; differential and steering coolers; SPEC lightweight single mass aluminum flywheel and stage two clutch; Perma-Cool oil; and its custom CPR Fabrication billet aluminum oil filter adapter.

"The HATCI and Magnuson supercharger demonstrates the high-performance potential of Genesis Coupe's V-6 engine - the car was engineered to handle this kind of extra power," said David Dutko, senior engineer, HATCI. "Our HATCI engineers have been working for years with Magnuson to ensure high engine output is available on future Hyundai vehicles."1

Beyond, performance, Hyundai has made some attention-grabbing aesthetic changes as well.  Wanting to give the Hyundai Genesis Hurricane a truly dominating presence and take the market by storm, Rhys Millen Racing imbued it with a slew of exterior enhancements, such as  front bumper, grille, hood, 19-inch wheels, side skirts, diffuser and a new rear deck with spoiler.



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