Hyundai Brought Their A-Game To the Big Game

Did you tune into the Big Game? Gurley Leep Hyundai would like to know, as our favorite South Korean automaker had quite a night. Specifically, Hyundai featured a total of five (5!) ad spots throughout the game. If you didn't manage to catch any of them; have no fear. We're here to fill you in on the each one.

First up is the "Cheetah" ad spot. As the name implies, the commercial features the fastest cat in the world, only it's racing a 2012 Hyundai Veloster Turbo. The speedy cat starts off playing catch up, but soon finds that it's fighting a losing battle. It then proceeds to take its frustration out on its handler... Ouch.

Next up is the "Victory Lap" ad, which features the "2012 North American Car of the Year," the 2012 Hyundai Elantra. It playfully explores how to celebrate the compact vehicle's latest accomplishment, comparing it to how a championship team must feel winning at the Super Bowl.

Then there's the "Think Fast" ad, which promotes the 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe in its R-Spec form. It shows a bored employee driving his boss in his car. When the boss suddenly faints, from what could be a life-threatening condition, the driver kicks the Genesis Coupe R-Spec into full power then slams on the brakes. He does this over and over again, until the force of the momentum brings the boss back to life. It's a fun way to outline the serious kick that the vehicle packs.

Taking a slightly less comedic approach is the "Faster Acting" ad, for the four-door 2012 Hyundai Genesis R-Spec. It simply outlines the incredible 429 horsepower that the vehicle boasts, while showing some edge-of-your-seat footage of the Genesis R-Spec doing what it does best on the track.

And finally, there's our personal favorite of the night; an ad that's just fun all around. Titled, "All for One," it features 200 employees of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama singing and humming along to one of the most famous songs in movie history, "Gonna Fly Now" from Rocky.

Over all, the five ads that Hyundai featured at Super Bowl XLVI were greatly varied in nature, and we simply couldn't get enough of them. But if you're through with watching Hyundai, and would rather drive one, then feel free to check us out today. Conveniently located at 5302 N Grape Road, we're more than happy to share specs, compare models, and arrange test drives. Just don't expect anything as extravagant as a Cheetah racing a Veloster.

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