Hyundai Unleashes the Animals on the i30

There is no monkeying around done by Hyundai. In fact the South Korean automaker is so set on proving it makes some of the most reliable vehicles on the planet they took a rather unorthodox form of product testing when it took the new Hyundai i30 hatchback to Knowsley Safari Park, located in Prescot, 200 miles northwest of London, UK, where forty baboons of all shapes and sizes were allowed to test the i30's well-built structure for ten whole hours. As expected, the Hyundai escaped the park relatively unscathed.

The eager baboons acted much like misbehaving children would in the vehicle, jumping on the seats, prodding and pushing buttons and opening and closing all the storage units. Several of the baboons even tested the durability of the seats by eating their lunches in the vehicle, while other played with their toys in the trunk. All of these monkey actions were helpful, as they show the experts at Hyundai how they can further "kid-proof" new vehicles. As a press release from the brand states, "Hyundai hopes lessons learnt from the monkey tests can inform the research and development of future cars."1 Some of these lessons included observations about the cars exterior, specifically. As the brand explains, "Outside, the paintwork was smeared and scraped, but the hard-wearing paint protected the car from significant scratches and chips."2 Like children, the baboons treated the Hyundai as their personal playground, so these comparisons could indeed aid the company.

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